ASW Distillery Fiddler Georgia Heartwood Bourbon


Fiddler GA Heartwood (Batch 2 & our annual, limited release, Cask Strength, Single Barrel Fiddler) began with the same high-wheat mash bill as Batch 1 of Fiddler, then we finished it on Georgia white oak heartwood staves that we hand-charred and placed in the barrels. in 2015, we harvested this Georgia oak in Jackson County, Georgia, seasoned it outdoors (the ideal way to season wood) for over a year, and charred the staves of this heartwood in our Head Distiller, J. Manglitz’s, wood stove before placing each hand-charred stave in Fiddler’s new, charred 53-gallon barrels for the final two to three months of maturation.

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