Bomberger’s Declaration 2019 Bourbon


Both Bomberger’s and Shenk’s have been released once again by Michter’s to honor John Shenk, the founder of the original Bomberger Distillery (later known as Michter’s Distillery). If you haven’t heard of Bomberger’s or Shenk’s, you are missing out on some fantastic bourbon! New editions of the hidden gems from Michter’s and yes they put their name on them this time. Great new bottle with hand numbered labels. Bomberger’s stepping it up from the previous 100 Proof to a nice 108 and Shenk’s up from 80 Proof to 91.2 – both adding richness and a heavier mouth coating with these releases.

Nose: Notes of caramel, wet oak, and sweet honey and citrus zest on the nose.

Palate: The palate is spicy with lightly charred oak, citrus, caramel sweetness, charred oak.

Finish: The finish is smooth.
2019 Vintage

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