Champagne Collet Champagne Brut Vintage Collection Privee


VINEYARDS & WINEMAKING: Champagne Collet’s vineyard sources are in Premier and Grand Cru villages that reflect the diversity of Champagne’s terroirs. The fruit comes from 850 growers spread over 160 different crus (there are a total of 320 crus in Champagne). However, winemaker Sebastien Walasiak uses no more than 10% of the overall vineyard yields. Sebastien blends the base wines of the classic Champagne varieties from hundreds of individual vineyards and several vintages – vital, because blending is the ultimate art of Champagne and is the key to maintaining Champagne Collet’s incomparable house style. The wines are aged far beyond the minimum requirement in the winery’s 100-year-old chalk cellars resulting in softer wines needing less dosage.

TASTING NOTES: Chardonnay creates elegance and finesse, Pinot Noir adds depth and structure and Pinot Meunier imparts freshness and rich fruit driven flavors. Over 60% was aged in oak barrels from Champagne for added complexity. Aromas of vanilla, fresh butter, apple and quince supported by secondary notes of brioche and toast. The palate is fresh with a creamy effervescence and an energetic line of acidity. Citrus and savory yeast flavors are lifted by hints of licorice on the finish.

WINEMAKER: Sebastien Walasiak

Weight 6 lbs


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