Courvoisier L’Essence Cognac


L’Essence de Courvoisier is a blend of extremely special and rare cognac reserves which date back to early 1900 and add depth and harmony. These are complemented with cognacs from the later twentieth century, which mark our innovations in distillation and barrel-making techniques.

“A timeless blend of the finest eaux de vie from the last two centuries, hand-selected as the most innovative of their generation to create L’Essence de Courvoisierr – a definitive cognac for any era” – PATRICE PINET, MASTER BLENDER

L’Essence de Courvoisierr is a precious cognac that will ignite the senses. The nose starts with exquisite tasting of sandalwood and cigar leaves, followed by toffee, marzipan and fresh honey and finished with the delicate perfume of early summer blossom

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