Dry Fly Distilling Straight Bourbon Whiskey 101 Proof


Fragrance : Typical aroma profile of corn and wood, somewhat onesided green basic notes, pronounced, some green wood, green corncobs, nuts, nougat chocolate, malt, coffee, touch of mushrooms.

Taste : Intense grain aromas, broad roast notes, dried prunes, nougat chocolate, slightly vegetable, full-bodied, balanced and long, warming alcohol in the finish.

Founder Don Poffenroth created Dry Fly Distilling out of a passion for fly-fishing and the Pacific Northwest. They reflect the beauty of the area into spirits made from local ingredients and from sustainable farms. Because of this, Dry Fly Distilling has achieved a true farm to bottle operation. Every drop of liquor is hand-crafted and pure. This is obvious in the unique flavor, which has won awards worldwide

Weight 4 lbs


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