Oak & Eden Bourbon & Brew Whiskey


Bourbon & Brew is the best of two worlds. Taking the creamy sweetness of Oak & Eden’s six-time gold medal award winning Bourbon, finished with the depth and richness found in Denton, TX-based West Oak Coffee’s cold brew coffee, Bourbon \u0026amp; Brew marries together this unlikely, completely necessary duo.

Bourbon & Brew begins with Oak & Eden Bourbon whiskey. Once distilled, we age our Bourbon for two years in new American oak barrels producing a rich, deep, yet sweet spirit. Now that our masterpiece is bottled, the work of our patented in- bottle finishing begins. We place a 5” long spiral-cut piece of French Oak, porous and rich, containing nearly twice the amount of natural botanicals as American Oak, creating a rich, deep, silky finish. Before the Spire goes in the bottle, we soak it in Delagua Colombian cold brew coffee roasted by West Oak, giving a sweet, delicate dark chocolate, coffee finish, unlike anything else.

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