Sagamore Spirit Double Oak Rye Whiskey


Three diamonds. Two Barrels. One extraordinary Straight Rye Whiskey. After aging our award-winning spirit for four years, we place it into a second oak barrel — and wait. The new toasted staves reenergize the aging process, creating flavors full of caramel and dark vanilla and colors that radiate amber and warm chestnut. It’s a straight rye whiskey perfect for the spirit of celebration.


Aroma | Baking spices, dried orange peel, and warm cinnamon.

Palate | Smooth caramel and rich toasted coconut. Nutty flavors of hazelnut and pecan meld perfectly with vanilla and caramel.

Color | Golden amber.

Proof | 96.6 (48.3% ABV)

Age | 4 – 5 Years

Weight 4 lbs


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