W.L Weller C.Y.P.B Bourbon Whiskey


W.L Weller C.Y.P.B (Create Your Perfect Bourbon.)

You think you have what it takes to be a master distiller? Did you ever take a slow sip of bourbon, chew it in your mouth and say to yourself, “I wish it had a bit more rye to make it a little spicier. Or, maybe if it had a bit more wheat in the mashbill it would move the flavor finish to the front of my tongue.”

Back in October 2015, Buffalo Trace Distillery launched a creative and engaging set of web pages that allowed fans to be their own master distiller and build their own bourbon, step-by-step.

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Mature in age and truly exceptional in quality, this bourbon has earned its place as an enduring favorite of the most discerning whiskey connoisseurs. The “Best American Whiskey” according to Food u0026amp; Wine magazine, Michters 10 Year represents the culmination of patient aging.

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