Black Maple Hill 16 Year Old Premium Small Batch Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ml


An independent label from San Carlos, California, Black Maple Hill whiskey may be a new brand name to many people. In fact, Black Maple Hill is not a real place, nor a distillery. It’s actually an operation, owned by Paul Joseph, where whiskey provided by Kentucky bourbon distillers, Willet, is blended and then labelled by Joseph and distributed under the Black Maple Hill name.

Celebrated in recent years as being one of the best new finds for whiskey fans (helped along by its gorgeous label design), Black Maple Hill currently distributes two expressions: bourbon and rye.

*Black Maple Hill Expressions*

*Black Maple Hill Bourbon*

This impressive bourbon holds big citrus flavors on the nose, with hints of honeyed, sweet corn following fast. Subtle hints of oak and spice pleasantly compliment the sweetness to this blend.

Funnily enough, this sweetness disappears once it hits the palate. A dry corn flavor takes over, with elements of rye following.

The lack of real heat in this blend allows the flavours to shine without an intrusive burn. The flavors are not overly complex, with the finish holding simple and honest notes of oak and rye that don’t hang around too long. too long.

This is a smart, simple and tasty blend. Perhaps not as complex as a Pappy, but understandably gaining followers by the dozen month on month. A perfectly delicious sip for any occasion, it’s certainly one to try!

*Black Maple Hill Rye*

Black Maple Hill is an explosion of dark fruits, wood and oily nuts. A truly aromatic rye with a smooth and full body.

A dark caramel rye, the powerful nose offers hints of dried fruit, caramel and spice with a touch of vanilla. It’s not overpowering, though, which leads it perfectly into mild warmth on the palate with an incredible symphony of dark fruit, rich oak, oily nuts, spice, rye and vanilla.

The finish is very long and richly sweet with hints of that dark fruit again, plus the addition of citrus, mint and toasted rye. This is a perfectly balanced whiskey, with a slickly smooth texture and all the flavour you would look for in a youngish liquor.

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