Recipe Ideas for Cocktails Using Your Favorite Whiskey Brand

Looking for a way to elevate your cocktails? Why not try using whiskey from your favorite brand? Whiskey is the perfect spirit for crafting cocktails, and there are endless possibilities for recipes. We will share some of our favorite recipes for cocktails made with whiskey. 

1) Johnnie Walker

When you want to exude elegance and sophistication, Johnnie Walker is one of the best whiskies you can use to create an exquisite cocktail. The Johnnie Walker collection set boasts a range of quality whiskies that can be used in various cocktails, such as the classic Manhattan or an old-fashioned. Try combining it with sweet vermouth, bitters, and some orange peel for a tasty evening tipple.

Another exciting cocktail recipe you can indulge in is the Johnnie Walker & Tonic. Mix the whiskey with tonic water and a hint of lemon and lime, and you'll have an exquisite summer evening beverage.

2) W.L Weller Special Reserve 

This whiskey has a unique sweet and spicy flavor that can be enjoyed in many delicious concoctions. The W.L. Weller Special Reserve 12-year Antique Value Bundle is the perfect starter for creating mouthwatering cocktails. A great option is the classic Whiskey Sour, which combines this smooth bourbon whiskey with some lemon juice, simple syrup, and a dash of bitters. For something more daring, why not try out the spicy cinnamon-infused Maple Bourbon Sour? This sweet and spicy combination will have you coming back for more!

A cocktail with a dash of romance is the Bourbon Smash. This delightful drink combines W.L. Weller Special Reserve, sugar syrup, muddled lemon wedges, and mint sprigs in a refreshing combination that’ll tantalize the taste buds.

3) Blanton’s 

A bottle of buffalo trace Blanton's single-barrel bourbon is a must-have for whiskey connoisseurs. This smooth and slightly sweet whiskey offers notes of vanilla, toasted oak, cinnamon, and cloves. Using this bottle in a classic old fashioned will add subtle complexity that will impress your guests. 

To make an easy and delicious Old Fashioned with Blanton’s bourbon, combine 2 ounces of Blanton’s bourbon, 1/2 teaspoon of simple syrup, and three dashes of Angostura bitters in a mixing glass. Add ice and stir until chilled, then strain into an ice-filled rocks glass. Garnish with an orange peel or a maraschino cherry to add extra sweetness. For a twist on the classic, use cherry liqueur instead of simple syrup for extra flavor.

For a unique drink, try Blanton's Manhattan. This cocktail is like your regular Manhattan but with a twist – instead of rye whiskey or sweet vermouth, replace them with Blanton's bourbon and dry vermouth. 

4) Old Rip Van Winkle 

The old van winkle ten year is a classic whiskey. It's made with wheat, corn, and malted barley, giving it a smooth taste that is great for sipping or mixing into cocktails. For those looking to make an old-fashioned using their favorite whiskey brand, the old van winkle ten year will do just the trick. The oak aging gives it a slight sweetness that balances the strong whiskey taste, making it perfect for mixed drinks. Mix with a few dashes of bitters and some simple syrup to make an old-fashioned that you will remember. 

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