NEW 2023 High West Bourye

High West Distillery, located in Park City, Utah, is known for their innovative and unique blends of whiskey. Their latest release, the High West 2023 Bourye, is no exception. This limited edition spirit is a blend of bourbon and rye whiskey that has been aged for a minimum of 10 years in new, charred American oak barrels.

The name Bourye comes from the blend of bourbon and rye whiskey that makes up this spirit. The bourbon used in Bourye is a 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% malted barley mash bill that is aged in new charred oak barrels. The rye is a 95% rye and 5% malted barley mash bill that is aged in used barrels that previously held bourbon. The combination of these two spirits creates a complex and unique flavor profile.

When you first taste High West 2023 Bourye, you'll notice the smoothness and sweetness of the bourbon, with notes of caramel and vanilla. As you continue to sip, the spiciness of the rye comes through, with flavors of cinnamon and black pepper. The finish is long and smooth, with a subtle smokiness that lingers on the tongue.

One of the things that sets High West 2023 Bourye apart from other whiskeys is the attention to detail that goes into its production. The distillers at High West carefully select each barrel to ensure that only the best spirits make it into the final blend. The whiskey is then aged for a minimum of 10 years, allowing the flavors to develop and mature.

The packaging of High West 2023 Bourye is also noteworthy. The bottle is adorned with a custom label that features an illustration of a cowboy on horseback, riding through the mountains. The label also includes information about the blend, the distillery, and the aging process.

High West 2023 Bourye is a limited edition release, with only a small number of bottles available. This makes it a highly sought after spirit for whiskey enthusiasts and collectors. If you're lucky enough to get your hands on a bottle, be sure to savor every sip of this complex and flavorful blend.

In conclusion, High West 2023 Bourye is a unique and delicious blend of bourbon and rye whiskey that showcases the creativity and skill of the distillers at High West. If you're a fan of whiskey, this is a spirit that should be on your radar. So pour yourself a glass, sit back, and enjoy the taste of this truly exceptional whiskey.